Paying for Therapy

Paying for therapy can seem discouraging and difficult for some. However, some therapy services may be covered in full or in part by your heath insurance or employee benefit plan. Even among clients with insurance, private pay remains a choice for those seeking therapy. Below are things to consider when deciding.

To Use Insurance or Not?

Benefits of Using Insurance

-Cost: You already pay for your insurance with monthly premiums so it only seems fair that you should use it. By using insurance, a portion or all of your session may be covered making your out of pocket expense smaller.


-Difficulty finding a therapist that accepts your insurance plan: It can be frustrating trying to find a therapist who takes your specific insurance and when you finally do, often times people aren’t happy with their limited choices.

-Insurance requires a mental health diagnosis: Insurance companies typically only cover services that are declared as a "medical necessity". In other words, for you to be able to utilize your insurance the therapist MUST provide the insurance company with a mental health diagnosis that you qualify for. This diagnosis goes into your permanent medical record.

-Give up some confidentiality: any documented health treatment filed through your insurance is required to be recorded on your permanent medical record.In addition to your treatment being permanently filed, health insurance companies have access to the type of treatment that you receive and what your progress has been. Any details and private information that your therapist has, your insurance company would have.  

Accepted Insurances:

Elevation Professional Counseling accepts the following insurances:

-Cigna (including EAP)

-Blue Cross Blue Shield





-Traditional Medicaid

-IBH EAP (and all affiliates)

-Open Path provider

-Humana (coming soon)

Elevation Professional Counseling Rates:

55- 60 minute individual therapy session: $120

60 minute family therapy session: $130

15 minute phone consultation (only 1): Free

Telehealth Services Offered

Accepted forms of payment: Cash, Visa, Mastercard, HSA/FSA